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Case Study: A Financial Market Website based on Sitefinity

General Info

  • A Financial Market website implements content management and display functions. The main functions are: manage and display data by Sitefinity, load history data from outside data source and display, calculate some data and display with graph according to user requirement. This site integrated search function for outside Web service request and single sign on function. The client is from UAE, this system is for financial industry, the site support English and Arabic languages.


Develop Method

We add Sitefinity Widget to make function to module, each function will be made into a Widget. In this way user can add function to Sitefinity pages easily. For page style, we follow the previous response design and unify the interface with bootstrap. For multiple languages, we implement with Asp.net resource, there’s not any static text in page.

Technology Required


  • Zakat Calculator: calculate in DB and return result according to the parameters user selected

A Screenshot of Zakat Calculator

  • Investor page: User can choose different time, to understand and compare the transaction data


  • Company Profile page:For a particular company, the trading records intuitive diagram for a day

Company Profile

Benefits to the Client

  • More attractive user interface
  • More friendly operation
  • Quickly provide users visual image, reflect the current status and future trends and provide supplementary analysis
  • We quickly develop and submit, client can see the results of the work in the shortest possible time, and provide his requirement. This reduce the risk brought by requirement change
  • During project, sometimes the client doesn’t prepare tasks in time. In order to help our client create more value, we will inform the client to prepare new task in advance.