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Case Study: Intelligent Access Controller App


The client needs a brand-new smart App, which uses nearby audio communication technology, based on the entrance guard app, to build up community property application, to let customer enjoy the modern smart life.


• Open the door by shaking the phone;

• Open the door remotely;

• Set the customizable black & white list;

• customizable UI;


  • Audio Communication: use FSK modulation to solve the computing performance of cell phone, by solidifying the waveform segment that is related to 0 and 1, and changing modulation to copy.
  • Ios: XCode+Swift+Alamofire
  • Android:Android Studio + Java +Json


1. The response time for Audio communication, The success rate of decoding;

2. The definition and design for black & white list;

What client got

1. Extended the entrance guard application onto internet, shortening the distance between client and the customer;

2. Make a more convenient life for customer, as they don’t always need bring the entrance guard card with them when out.


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