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Case Study: Customer Analysis and enterprise management system

Your insistence on high quality and outstanding communication skills go beyond my expectation. I'm very glad that I worked with Nova. It's been a very pleasant experience.

Edward Lee


Located in Denmark, the client is a provider of software development service. They were aiming to develop a product, based on which enterprise application customization can be implemented for all sorts of customers.

Everything seemed ready there except the development team building. The scarcity of developer and high salary made it difficult for the client to build a team locally. Therefore, a dedicated offshore development center (ODC) became a good option for them. With the advantage of rich resource and competitive price, Nova built an ODC team for this project.


This application system serves for different sorts of enterprises’ needs. It is equipped with functionalities of customer analysis, inventory management and verification, sales & suppliers management, accounting control, project management etc. Nova developed multi-platform versions of this system - Windows, Web and Mobile (Android & iOS). Besides, this application system supports customization, OEM License and third-party plug-ins development.

Status: This system has been sold to more than 100 customers
Duration: Since 2010 till now
Project Size: approx. 70 man month
Work Model: Monthly basis/ODC
Team Members: 1 project manager, 3 developers and 1 tester.
Cost: approx. 200,000 USD

Technologies Involved:

  • Deployment Environment: Window Server 2008,SQL Server 2008 R2, IIS7
  • Development Environment: Virtual Studio 2010, DevExpress, WCF, C#, JavaScript/jQuery, Eclipse

Event Timeline

Challenges & Solutions

  Challenges Solutions
Communication Time difference In order to overcome the time difference and ensure a smooth discussion on requirements, Nova took the advantage of the overlapped 4hours to clear details via Skype, while using email to nail down overall business logic by email.
Complicated business logic The team spent much time consulting clients, studying the existing industry systems, and reading relevant books, so as to enhance communication efficiency.
Requirement Management There were no documented requirement specifications. Nova followed the PDD (Prototype Driving Development) pattern and built a prototype based on our understanding of the requirement, then confirmed and made changes according to the client’s feedback. This process greatly helped assessing the following development for functionalities.
The client had no plan for the product development. All requirements related information were organized and documented for team members to share.
Development and Maintenance The existing system was based on a very old framework. Nova worked out a solution for redesign and refactor after analyzed the system, which was beneficial for development and maintenance.
The old framework had a high degree of coupling. Besides, it required substantial amounts of repetitive coding. The Agile iteration was adopted to implement incremental development
Quality Control The client didn’t have enough time to do acceptance test.
  • Nova organized and documented strict quality standard, development and coding guidelines.
  • Meticulous unit-test, intensive self-test as well as cross test compensated client’s absence in testing.
  • It was important to analyze and summarize the bugs to avoid recurrence.


  • Good selling product:With the successful product development, the client has sold 100+ systems to Denmark market.
  • Cost saving:The flexibility of the team structure ensured the development on the optimal way, which effectively avoided resource waste.
  • Product extendibility:The excellent technical framework made it easier for future functionality extension as well as maintenance work.
  • Focusing on marketing:Nova’s proficient project management skills as well as high independency and responsibility saved the client lots of time on communication and management. Thus, the client could focus on their own business and marketing.

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