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Case Study: Umbraco Mobile Site


This is the web site for mobile device built on Umbraco CMS. The development and test lasted 6 days and closed successfully.

Customer Preparation

The customer sent us Photoshop designed files and a site map in image. We worked out the draft for Umbraco document types and templates based on those information for customer's confirmation, and finally the project started off quickly.

Agile Methodologies

The first task in the development was building the test environment that could be shared with the customer in real time. It is not only the conceptual approach in our development but also the effective way to cope with loss of the business logic in the analysis phase.

Three days before the project was closed, the customer told us that two bars would be external links instead of containing sub content which was not accurately covered in the previous analysis. So the issue was fixed and just took tiny impact on the progress.


Although the contents were not that complex, this project include SDMenu (had been customized for special requirements) and the image presentation with cross line background.

The original SDMenu only contains links in the sub-bars. However, the web site required not only the original style in SDMenu but also edit area or the text representation should be expanded when the main bars were clicked. Some other main bars should not be expanded and work as a normal link.

text sdmenu

editable sdmenu

[Customized SDMenu]


The complexity in cross line background is briefly represented as following.

one image in cross line

[One image in cross line]

six images in cross lines

[Six images in cross line]

You will find that the background is different when there is one to four images and when there are more than four images. Our skilled usage of XSL leveraged this requirement and got it done successfully.



The application of Agile methodology helped us identify the issues in the progress of development in the early phase and our skilled usage of Javascript/JQuery and XSL embraced the challenging requirements guaranteed the success of the project.