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Case Study: RadComboBox Replacement Development


The customer's site ran on an old Telerik Suite. As the IE 10 released, the RadComboBox was reported with a bug in IE 10. The customer reached us for solutions. We offered two options. One is to upgrade the Telerik Suite directly; the other is to replace the RadCombobox with other standard Asp.net control. Finally, the customer and our architect decided to select JQuery Plugin under MIT license as our solution.

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Our Services

Although it is a small project to us, we provide end to end service to the customer.

  • Case Study
  • Solution Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Team Management
  • Version Management
  • Test
  • Deployment

Our Credits

Although the selected JQuery Plugin is powerfull, it doesn't fully work as our expectation, especially in appearance and DOM level. We take following approaches to adjust it.

  • Design UI elements to make it look exactly as the RadComboBox.
  • Design to make the popup list layer(DIV) be generated at the root of the <form> element.


This project reflects our strong implementation in javascript application as well as good methodologies in development lifecycle.