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Case Study: Multi-Lingual Umbraco Sites


Umbraco takes great advantages to handle multi-lingual requirements to those CMSs that are based on resource files(resx). Please refer to one of our comparison between Umbraco and resx system for multi-lingual features.

Our Credits

We have completed quite a few multi-lingual Umbraco sites for customers and summarized three common features based on Umbraco CMS.

  1. Language selections
  2. Auto-detect user language
  3. Remember user's language

Language selections reads languages configured in Umbraco dashboard. It is implemented in Umbraco xslt extension function so that the template designer can use it directly in templates.

Auto-detect user language is implemented at httpModule level. User's language is detected and redirect the user to the corresponding pages in that language automatically.

Remember user's language is implemented in xslt extension function. Actually, it is an enhancement for user's experience. The selected language of the user will be remembered so that the site always represents the user with the contents in his(her) preferred language.


We have integrated the three features into our internal framework. It definitely improves the stability and quality of our code. And we are improving the framework continuously and try to bring more benefit to our customers.