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Case Study: Compaign Umbraco Website


The customer sent us html files with css, js and image files associated. It is obvious that the customer have professional UI designer to work out those html files.

Besides, the customer sent us email with requirement. It incudes the following aspects.

  • 1The description of the pages. There are five pages in this description
  • 2The relation ship/dependency of the pages
  • 3The specifications on the UI element in the page
  • 4The specifications for the navigations

Advantages of Umbraco in the requirements

Both the customer and us think Umbraco CMS are the best candidate to meet the requirement.

Umbraco provides us with ability to separate the content from UI. So we can easily define the document type under Umbraco against description in the requirement.

Umbraco not only ships with powerful datatypes, but also is supported widely by the opensource community. So we selected specified UI elements and YouTube functionalities required from the opensouce community in a short time.

At last but not least, Umbraco provides powerful XSL functionalities to help us easily generate two kinds of complex menu/navigations not only in the individual page, but also over the site.


  • CSS
  • XSL
  • XSL Extended Function
  • Umbraco Shipped DataType
  • Third Party Component


We have experienced UI designer to work out UI solutions including the browser compatibility issues.


XSL technology in this project contribute to the top-navigation and sub-navigation, special links generated over the document types with specified property, calendar style entries associated with images, event list sorted by date descending and links and third level navigations in specified pages depending on the sub contents.

XSL Extended Function

There is one xsl extended function required to grab the first paragraph in the event list.

Umbraco Shipped DataType

We use Umbraco related links datatype to allow the user edit the links either from the inner site or from the outer  site.

ThirdParty DataType

It is required to insert the Youtube links in the richEditContainer. We finally select a stable and widely used opensource YouTube Umbraco package to get it done. 

Benefits to the Customer

Quick Response are the benefits to the customer. In the first day when we started the project, our output can be delivered to the customer to let him have a check. He then replied the delivery with a list to explain in more detail for his intension the next day. After 3 rounds of communication, we completed the project and the customer closed the project happily. All the efficiencies and productivities depends on not only the Umbraco CMS but  also our experiences in the Umbraco related business.