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Nova News: Nova Software registered another software copyright at CPCC

Recently Nova Software successfully registered software copyright at CPCC (Copyright Protection Center of China) for its Micro-mall system, adding a new member to the software copyright licenses Nova Software has already registered for its Coevery Property Management System and Coevery AutoRepair Management System. In the meantime, Nova Software is currently in the process of applying for qualification of High and New Techno-logy Enterprises certificated by the State Council of China.

Since 2005, Nova Software has been a pioneer of IP protection in the industry with its full compliance of international regulations of IP protection. Besides, we have multiple-level IP protection methods which have been experienced by hundreds of our clients:

  • Before kick-off: Upon request we will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before clients send us any project related information. This NDA is governed by the laws of clients’ country, and access to sensitive information is limited to team personnel only.
  • During the project: Source code and database are stored in dedicated space before they are delivered to clients. The output is kept from other staff by strict secure method. Confidential documents will be deleted when usage have expired.
  • After completion: Sometimes we need to write a case study for a project we have developed; however we will not disclose any specific information such as company name or project screenshot unless we get clients’ explicit approval beforehand.

For the last 11 years, Nova Software has never encountered any IP dispute as we truly understand how much clients value their IP. Therefore, we regard our respect for IP as one of our core competences and will continue to reinforce it in our future operation.